Our umbrella body, Badisa, through 153 programmes, renders services to more than 700 000 people per annum. Badisa protected more than 23 000 children in the previous year. We currently render services to approximately 158 families of which there are 206 children within these families. Out of the 158 families we render foster care services to 115 children in 90 foster care families as a result of Child Neglect, Sexual abuse, Abandonment and/or being orphaned.


Being a registered non-profit organization, we are partly funded by Government to protect children from child abuse, neglect and exploitation, but despite the best efforts of the South African Government and civil society to protect children, many children still remain vulnerable. In order to address these fundamental needs, Badisa Family Care Services is proactive in various projects aimed at prevention and early intervention strategies that require urgent funding.


In April 2003 the charity services (SKDB and SKDD) of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western and Southern Cape) and the Uniting Reformed Church (Cape) were amalgamated and Badisa was established.


BADISA Family Care Services Knysna is a Designated Child Protection Organization with a statutory obligation to protect children in accordance with the Children's Act, 38 of 2005. Our office renders services to deal with allegations of child neglect, molestation or abuse. Our Social workers assess children and families and deliver and present court reports to the Children's Court. If children have been neglected or abused, they are placed with safety parents in safety homes, foster care or child and youth care center’s (children's homes).


At Badisa Family Care Services Knysna we use an holistic approach and the Family preservation model in ensuring that we work on the four levels of intervention, namely prevention, early intervention, statutory intervention and reunification services in order for us to assist in uplifting and strengthening our families and children through receiving therapeutic assessments, play therapy, counseling, skills development, allowing us to determine the best interest of the children.